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Harpreet Sandhu

Mortgage Agent

Harpreet Sandhu is a financial services and banking leader with over 20 years of experience in the industry. She has helped hundreds of clients make the most important financial decisions of their lives by providing them with the most impeccable attention and service. 
Her passion for clients goes beyond the initial mortgage transaction as she is determined to provide them with expert life-long financing advice. In addition to being able to help clients who speak Punjabi and Hindi, she specializes in first and second mortgages, refinances and renewals, first time home buyers and private financing. 
Harpreet’s professional experience is amplified by a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Ottawa.

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There’s strength in numbers.

Confidence, too. And the confidence that comes with having the numbers on your side starts with having the right people on your side. People who speak numbers, speak your language and whose reputations speak for themselves. People who understand your goals and work with you to meet them. People like you. For trusted financial advice and service that makes you feel like you belong.

Join the tribe.


Customer Care

I believe that my responsibility as a mortgage expert goes well beyond simply arranging your mortgage financing. My job is to ensure that you feel confident in the mortgage process and make decisions that best suit you and your tribe. 


In order for you to feel confident about the mortgage process and make the best decisions for your tribe, you have to feel at ease and be able to ask questions. I stay in touch with you throughout the entire process, provide information up front, but also make myself available whenever you need me! 

Best Mortgage Products

Being a part of the tribe has advantages. Access to the best lender products available anywhere in Canada is one of them. We use our extensive corporate networks to ensure you get the best mortgage product. It pays to belong. 


We have developed excellent relationships with several lenders, let’s figure out which one has the best products to offer you!

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